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If you are a small business owner, there is a myriad of options for you to market your business.

How do you know where to start, how much to spend, which channels to use?

The key to boosting your chances of surviving and thriving is to have clarity, consistency and to make every marketing dollar count by only focusing on opportunities right for your business.

Get to Know Your Desired target markets

Eliminate the scattergun approach in your marketing by being clear about who your ideal client is and where you can find them.

Spend time to profile your ideal clients. Work out which social networking platforms they use, what they read, what they listen to and what they watch. Start to engage with them on a personal level.

Use Cost Effective strategies

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free, and advertising on them is very targeted and cost effective. Paid ads or sponsored stories on Facebook can provide you with many leads. If you provide something free or something of value that showcases your expertise, you will get people wanting to engage with you.

Free publicity is very valuable, gives you credibility and is easy to get if you develop the right relationships, have effective writing skills and remember to follow up.

“Dave Price is a Director of PM+A Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy and also a Director of Price Advertising, an advertising agency in Perth, Western Australia.”

Dave Price
Be Found Online

Get your website optimised using basic SEO practices so that you can be found online by potential clients when they search for words and phrases related to your business.

List your business with free online directories like Bloo, Hotfrog, Gumtree and Google Maps or use Google AdWords to advertise your business online. Start submitting articles to articles directory sites like EzineArticles.com. Try making a few simple videos explaining your business in simple terms and submit these videos to YouTube. You could also join up to some relevant web forums and help answer questions related to your area of expertise!



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